Storage acceleration

Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only hyper-converged infrastructure that delivers local performance while enabling data centralization, instant recovery, and lower TCO. SteelFusion converges server, storage, and network infrastructure into a single branch appliance minimizing the footprint needed to run branch applications while centralizing data. SteelFusion eliminates the headache of branch office IT, consolidating servers and storage into the datacenter without sacrificing any of the benefits of having servers at the edge close to users.

SteelFusion features an industry-first storage delivery architecture that allows organizations to eliminate servers, storage and inefficient backup processes from branch offices. Unlike traditional hyper-converged infrastructures, SteelFusion enables “stateless” branch services. Users access applications running locally in the branch while primary data is stored in the datacenter, eliminating the risk of data loss. Decoupling compute from storage, SteelFusion hyper-converged infrastructure delivers local performance and capacity without requiring a storage- intensive architecture in the branch. This significantly reduces required branch infrastructure and centralizes management of branch services.

SteelFusion delivers IT agility with instant provisioning, backup, and instant recovery for branch offices, and ensures continuous operations when disasters occur such as inclement weather, fire, and human-induced outages. Integrated into SteelFusion is the industry- leading SteelHead technology for WAN Optimization, which enables unrivaled performance and applications that simply work for employees and customers at the branch, who are the growth engine to any business. With SteelFusion, businesses can instantly provision new services and restore operations in a matter of minutes vs. days, centrally protect and secure data, deliver the kind of performance expected from locally-run applications, and significantly lower the TCO of branch and remote offices.