WAN acceleration

Almost all organizations have a National, European or even Global network. The performance of business-critical applications almost always leave something to be desired. Buying more bandwidth is almost never the solution, apart from the fact that this is very expensive. How do you ensure that the application response of business-critical applications is as fast as possible?

Since about 10-years, several manufactures developed solutions, called WAN-accelerators. These WAN-accelerators addresses five issues on the WAN:

  • They reduce the amount of data. WAN Accelerators can compress data (like WinZip) and cache data. Especially the effect of Caching is huge.. A file of 1Mb becomes a handful of bytes …
  • They eliminate the adverse effects of latency. By dividing a connection into 3 parts ‘cutting up’ (PC – Accelerator – Accelerator – Server) and use between both accelerators its own protocol, the adverse effects of latency are eliminated. This method also accelerates ‘chatty’ applications.
  • They accelerate Applications, often by reducing the number of roundtrips.
  • They increase the net throughput. Accelerators know the link speed and are therefore better able to utilize the available bandwidth.
  • They prioritize applications (Quality of Service). Because Accelerators can inspect layer-7 (OSI), they are better able to prioritize business-critical applications.

Download our document “WAN-accelerators, how the work?” for more information: