We choose to be the heartbeat behind IT technology

Meet the team behind the magic. Here you'll discover who we are, how we do our IT magic and why we stand for sharing knowledge.
IPknowledge BV was founded in 2004 with a mission to simplify the life of IT managers and assist them in their struggle with getting the needed availability and performance out of their Wide Area Network infrastructure.
In early 2016, IPknowledge was amongst the first to deliver successful SD-WAN implementations within the Netherlands.
After our acquisition of SD1 Networks in 2018 to further boost its growth strategy, IPknowledge became the world’s first Cloud-Native Virtual Network Operator (VNO).
Since then, IPknowledge has specialized in supporting global SD WANs, with a focus on the sourcing, delivery, monitoring and management of local Internet Access lines.

The people behind our vision

Get to know our dynamic heads at IPknowledge, where knowledge drive the future of networking security.

Steven de Graaf

Managing Director

Bert-Jan Kamp

Chief Technology Officer

Marc Staalman

Senior Account Manager

Claudia Costa

Head of Product

The values that guide us to IT-mastery

In our world, IT mastery is about more than skills; it's about building trust, being proactive innovation, and sharing our knowledge.

What IT-mastery looks like
Here to help
In a world of wires and codes, we choose to be the heartbeat behind the technology. We understand the frustrations of IT leaders like no other and want to help them.
Value icon heartbeat
Be proactive
With a unique blend of creativity and ingenuity, we take the lead in identifying and adressing potential issues before they arise, fostering a resillient and problem-solving culture.
Value icon fast forward
Knowledge as superpower
Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, we learned all there is to know about our industry. By sharing this knowledge we unburden our clients in all the areas of IT networks and security.
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Our team knows it all

We're not just experts in our field — we're passionate about sharing our wealth of knowledge with you, in an engaging way, because learning together is what we value most.

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