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Modern, efficient, and secure network solutions for superior user experiences and peace of mind.

From complex to easy

Set aside your complex MPLS network. It's time to go easy with SASE SD-WAN.
MPLS: Costly, hard to scale, not very flexible and prone to security risks and downtime.
SASE SD-WAN: Flexible, adjustable, secure, all in the cloud and unlimited scalability.
MPLS: Costly, hard to scale, not very flexible and prone to security risks and downtime. SASE SD-WAN: Flexible, adjustable, secure, all in the cloud and unlimited scalability.

The benefits of
Secure Network as a Service

Simplifying Networks for Efficiency
Eliminates the complexities of wired setups, offering a seamless and efficient network experience.
Cutting Costs, Not Corners
Reduces upfront expenses, providing a cost-effective approach to network management without compromising quality.
Tailoring Networks to Your Needs
Provides flexibility to adapt your network as requirements change, ensuring a resilient infrastructure that aligns with evolving demands.
Safeguarding Data with Vigilance
Establishes robust security protocols, fortifying your data against potential threats with a secure digital environment.

Internet Access

A lightning fast, stable and global internet connection. No matter where you are, you'll always be connected.
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At our heart, we believe in providing you with clear insights into your internet usage, building trust.
Simplify your global internet needs. We are independent and directly contact the best provider (ISP) for each of your branches.
Monitoring made easy
Stay in control with our real-time insights, proactive support, and enhanced security for a worry-free internet experience


Take a leap into the future and use the power of SASE SD-WAN to connect your offices seamlessly with the best security possible.
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Enhanced Security
Our SASE SD-WAN's enhanced security, keeps your network and data safe from threats while ensuring a worry-free experience for remote users.
Peak Network Efficiency
Experience outstanding network performance with SASE SD-WAN. Say hello to fast data transmission, faster applications and a smoother user experience.
Eliminate Firewalls
Wave goodbye to traditional firewalls. Our SASE SD-WAN removes the need for old barriers, making network security simpler and more efficient.

Managed Network Services

Leave your network monitoring to the experts who've got your back. We'll keep an eye out for any issues and take care of them before they become a thing.
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Expert Eyes
Rely on our skilled experts to continuously oversee your network, guaranteeing optimal performance and security.
Proactive Issue fixers
Our team anticipates and swiftly tackles network problems, ensuring smooth operations without you lifting a finger.
Peace of Mind
Rest easy, knowing that your network is in capable hands, freeing you from worry and letting you focus on your business.

This is what you can expect from us:

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Reviews from some of our clients

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Seamless connectivity across Europe


IPknowledge is easy to deal with and ensures our connectivity across Europe in a seamless and standard way. Their services managing performance and availability are key to Mainfreight’s business.

Rob Verheijen

IPknowledge: Global Business Continuity


Darling Ingredients relies on IPknowledge for managed Internet in Europe, ensuring 24/7 production and business continuity.

Darling Ingredients
Manfred Voss

Smooth Network Management Worldwide


With Telco MPLS, network management did not always go smoothly. The performance of the network varied between the countries. The 'co-managed' model offered by IPknowledge was very appealing for us

Low & Bonar
Paul Visscher

Roba's Choice: IPknowledge Expertise


As a global company in 6 countries we want to have full control over our connection, but to have a fall-back on know-how and skills when needed. That's what IPknowledge provides.

Roba Metals
Erik de Jong

IPknowledge: Our One-Stop sNaaS Solution


Why Network as a Service? We build on the expertise and cooperation of IPknowledge. They are a one-stop-shop since they supply both the overlay (SASE SDWAN) and underlay connectivity (Internet lines)


VOS: No Hassle, Less Costs, Europe-wide!


We currently have more than 35 locations in Europe. We uses IPknowledge for backup Internet for all main locations since they unburden our IT department and they have a competitive price.

VOS Logistics

From Chaos to Clarity in just 3 Months


IPknowledge, together with Cato Networks, transferred our entire international network to SASE SD-WAN within just three months, which is a great achievement.”

Arne van Vuuren

Single Partner, 24/7 Stability: Check


I wanted one reliable partner, not 20 different contracts, and I wanted to outsource 24 X 7 surveillance. We now have a stable, fast and available network with 1 partner: IPknowledge.

Rein Droog

Less Worry, More Trust with IPknowledge


We are happy with IPknowledge and the easy transition. It is easy for us and we have fewer worries as an IT department. They think along with us, they are always there for us and we can rely on them.

Maaike Vergouw

A Secure Network: Water from the Tap


Our systems always need to be up and secure. To ensure this we adopted IPknowledge's "Secure Network as a Service" for simpler, unified security management. It feels like water running from the tap!

Mazars Nederland
Frank Keessen
Meet the client we've transformed

Cases that will amaze you

BrandLoyalty achieves network tranquility with SASE SD-WAN

BrandLoyalty achieves network tranquility with SASE SD-WAN

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Yakult’s healthy network choice: A SASE SD-WAN triumph

Yakult’s healthy network choice: A SASE SD-WAN triumph

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Rolling into the future with Bugaboo’s new SASE network

Rolling into the future with Bugaboo’s new SASE network

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You ask. We answer.

Secure Network as a Service (sNaas)

Continuous application delivery

IPknowledge safeguards your business continuity by ensuring the continuous and secure delivery of applications to your end users.

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Fast application response

WAN optimization’ improves application performance basically by minimizing the effects of data transport over long distances. The significance of these 'wide-area' factors typically grows with geographical distance (between the end-user and where the application is hosted)

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Migrate to cloud

The use of SaaS is ever-growing: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Zoom, Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SharePoint, Box, etc. When consuming SaaS at the office, employees expect digital performance, as if they were at home watching Netflix.

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Connect remote workers

Yes. Empower remote workers with seamless, secure cloud access via SASE. Say goodbye to VPN hassles and hello to fast, safe connectivity.

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Eliminate firewalls

From transitioning to the cloud to managing an increasingly distributed workforce, it is more important than ever to secure users, apps, and data without compromising productivity and employee experience.

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