Yakult’s healthy network choice: A SASE SD-WAN triumph

A healthy, simple and secure network with SASE SD-WAN!

The challenges we faced during this project

Complex Security Layer

Yakult chose Cato SASE SD-WAN, prioritizing a 'Zero-trust' approach for unseen vulnerabilities.

Network Simplification

Simplifying Yakult's international network for better oversight, control, and adaptability to evolving needs.
Zero-Trust Security Principle:

Recognizing the complexity of IT security, Yakult embraced the 'Zero-trust' principle. After discussions with IPknowledge, this led to the adoption of a new network architecture for enhanced security, as highlighted by Maaike:

“The principle (never trust, always verify) appealed to us. A completely new network architecture was the best choice for us to be ready for the future. This turned out to be easier than expected.”
Simplification for Security:

Simplifying the international network at Yakult served a dual purpose. It not only created a more secure environment by enhancing oversight and control but also facilitated adaptability to changing business needs and global dynamics.


Yakult Europe opted for CATO SASE SD-WAN to meet the vital requirements of a healthy international network. Maaike emphasized,

“Yakult Europe has chosen CATO SASE SD-WAN because this can prevent problems at multiple layers of IT. Yakult is convinced that prevention is better than cure.”
Positive Partnership with IPknowledge:

Selecting a reliable partner is crucial, and IPknowledge proved to be an excellent fit. The collaboration during the preliminary phase exceeded expectations, laying a solid foundation for a long-term and positive partnership. As stated,

“Our IT people were initially skeptical about a cloud network, but during the preliminary investigation, existing requirements and all new wishes and requirements turned out to be possible.”
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Amazing results we're proud of

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Enhanced Network Performance

Yakult now enjoys a secure and stable network, offering seamless performance worldwide.

Streamlined Infrastructure

Simplified infrastructure and contract management, reducing unexpected costs for Yakult.

Proactive Security Measures

With Cato Networks MDR, Yakult ensures 24/7 detection and response, proactively protecting its network.

A review directly from our client

Less Worry, More Trust with IPknowledge


We are happy with IPknowledge and the easy transition. It is easy for us and we have fewer worries as an IT department. They think along with us, they are always there for us and we can rely on them.

Maaike Vergouw