Rolling into the future with Bugaboo’s new SASE network

Bugaboo signs agreement for fully managed SD-WAN

The challenges we faced during this project

Unmanageable Data Traffic

Bugaboo grappled with managing the surging global data flow, especially with a centralized ICT system in Amsterdam

Complex Network Infrastructure

Bugaboo struggled with MPLS intricacies, local contracts, and global IT needs for minor offices

Revolutionizing Our Network: A Seamless Transformation

Embarking on Bugaboo's growth journey, we undertook a digital transformation to tackle critical challenges with precision.

Unmanageable Data Traffic:

Facing a surge in global data exchange demands, our centralized ICT system in Amsterdam needed reinforcement. SASE SD-WAN, inclusive of internet lines, a global private backbone, and 24/7 monitoring, proved to be the game-changer.

"The network had to evolve with our growth; SASE SD-WAN was the solution," remarked an internal source.

Complex Network Infrastructure:

Managing MPLS intricacies, diverse local contracts, and the need for global IT expertise became a quest for simplicity. Our OneWAN Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) concept streamlined global components, reducing complexities.

"We sought one reliable partner, and our NaaS simplified our global network," stated a key decision-maker.

Transformation with SASE SD-WAN:

Embracing change, we replaced MPLS with a fully managed SASE SD-WAN solution. The new architecture included firewall replacements, WAN-Op technology, and simplified VPN access.

"Our network transformation with CATO Networks ensures optimal performance," expressed the CIO.

Global Connectivity Assurance:

Beyond implementation, our Digital Performance Center (DPC) in Amsterdam provides continuous 24/7 monitoring. The OneWAN NaaS approach delivers secure digital performance globally, eliminating extensive network equipment needs.

"The DPC ensures our global network remains secure and stable," affirmed the IT director.

In our partnership, Bugaboo experienced a streamlined, efficient, and secure network, empowering our global operations with a robust foundation for sustained growth.

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Bugaboo's adoption of SASE SD-WAN brought transformative benefits, replacing MPLS and enhancing global connectivity with cost-effective internet lines, 24/7 monitoring, and improved VPN access.

Network-as-a-Service Benefits

IPknowledge's OneWAN NaaS concept revolutionized Bugaboo's connectivity, providing significant cost savings, flexibility, and peace of mind. Fixed, predictable costs ensured security for Bugaboo's global data traffic.

Streamlined Connectivity

Bugaboo's network was simplified into a secure, cloud-native service, facilitating plug-and-play for new locations. CATO Networks and IPknowledge's collaboration ensured proactive architecture enhancement, reducing daily operational tasks.

A review directly from our client

Single Partner, 24/7 Stability: Check


I wanted one reliable partner, not 20 different contracts, and I wanted to outsource 24 X 7 surveillance. We now have a stable, fast and available network with 1 partner: IPknowledge.

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